broken little sister


Oct.27 2018 Koenji High “Total Feedback2018 Tokyo Round-1st HALF”

Aug.15 2018 Koenji High “blue noise test” - Thud (HK) Japan Tour -

Jun.29 - Jul.1 2018 Taiwan “Wake Up Festival 2018”

Mar.25 2018 Koenji High “Total Feedback”

Jan.28 2018 Koenji High “Total Feedback - HATE ME”

Dec.2 2017 Taipei Revolver ”【第八屆瞪鞋音樂祭】光害”

Oct.29 2017 Koenji High “Total Feedback”

Jun.24 2017 Koenji High “Total Feedback”

Apr.16 2017 Shimokitazawa Three “Joi Noir JAPAN ACT”

Mar.26 2017 Koenji High “Total Feedback”

Dec.25 2016 Koenji High “Total Feedback”

Dec.3 2016 Nijo Live House nano “DAYDREAM Kyoto”

Sep.11 2016 Taipei The WALL "Too Loud Too Love"

Aug.20 2016 Shanghai Yuyintang

Jul.3 2016 Aoyama Moon Romantic “The Bilinda Butchers & Manic Sheep”

May.29 2016 Koenji High “Total Feedback”


live dates

member :

shinji horiuchi

guitar, synthesizer, vox

keiko sakurada

guitar, synthesizer, vox

takeshi kato

bass, synthesizer

live support member :

yu saito (2011 - 2018)

drums, octapad

management :

we are free

contacts :

"broken little sister" formed in 2005. They prefer the sensation to the floating in the space of sounds, like a Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Electronica, Ambient, Acid Folk and the variety of Psychedelic Sounds.

bls's music has been created by these elements. They create the intense white noise, gentle synth-pad sounds, ephemeral girlie vocal and beautiful harmony... it's a dreamy soundscapes! You will be able to floating in the vortex of sounds if you experienced their psychedelia directly! Please listen by LOUD sound!!

They have been supported the tour several artists in the past, Anderson, Art Brut, Au Revoir Simone, Carter USM, Eskimohunter, Happy New Year, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Pia Fraus, Ringo Deathstarr, Sportsday Megaphone, Styrofoam, The Rational Academy, Ulrich Schnauss, and more. ”bls” keeps sending the originality sounds toward the world from Japan!

broken little sisterは横浜/都内を中心に活動する3人組のドラムレス・バンド。shoegaze, dream pop, electronica, acid folk, ambientなどに通ずる「平熱感」「浮遊感」をキーワードとして制作された楽曲は、映画のサウンドトラックのように映像を喚起させるシネマティックなサイケデリアを創出する。過去にAnderson, Art Brut, Au Revoir Simone, Carter USM, Eskimohunter, Happy New Year, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Pia Fraus, Ringo Deathstarr, Sportsday Megaphone, Styrofoam, The Rational Academy, Ulrich Schnauss らと共演。2010年3月には(((shoegazer disc guide)))に『memories, violet & demons』(デモ版)が掲載され、その一部を再レコーディング&マスタリングを施し、アップグレードしたCD版として2010年11月にhappy princeからリリース。art union(JPN)、darla records(US)、shellshock(UK/EU)とワールドワイドに流通中。

about us


[track list]




don't let go



little riot



don't be afraid

total running time : 52 minutes

distributed by :

Art Union Corp. (JPN)

Darla Records (US)

Shellshock Distribution (UK/Europe)

artist : broken little sister

title : memories, violet & demons *

label : happy prince

catalog number : hppr027

date : 17th november 2010 (JPN)

formats : cd, digital

[track list]

disc1 / track5

a to fade in (adorable cover) *

The World's most popular compilation series! The 28th volume of Darla Records' compilation series Little Darla Has A Treat For You features 35 new tracks (26 exclusive tracks, 9 key album tracks) plus a 50 minute interview with Harold Budd.

total running time : 180 minutes

distributed by :

Darla Records (US)

artist : various artist

title : where music comes from

little darla has a treat for you vol.28 *

label : darla records

catalog number : drl280cd

date : 21th may 2013 (US)

formats : cd, digital

[track list]

across the universe

norwegian wood



and i love her

tomorrow never knows

nowhere man

in my life

strawberry fields forever

let it be

total running time : 41 minutes

distributed by :

BM.3 music (JPN)

artist : MEEKS

title : Beatless

- shoegazer covers of THE BEATLES - *

label : scm Music

catalog number : scmd045

date : 10th july 2013 (JPN)

formats : cd, digital

© 2020 broken little sister, obscure united / all rights reserved

[track list]

track 6

falling down

Total Feedback,a shoegaze specialized concert event held place in Koenji HIGH,Tokyo.

A 10th anniversary compilation album of this event including 12 shoegaze bands from Japan,Taiwan and China will be releasing this October 10th.

total running time : 55 minutes

distributed by :

pci music inc (JPN)

artist : various artist

title : total feedback 2018

label : only feedback record

catalog number : jcss14-19

date : 10th oct 2018 (JPN)

formats : cd, digital